As we eclipse a quarter century of the modern internet, we have seen it radically change humanity quicker than at any point in it’s short history. Schisms are being created. It is no longer just information being shared. It is now ideas as well. That might seem to be a good idea, and while this has undoubtedly lead to greater achievements for humanity, the downside is that it has also enabled the worst parts of humanity.  Misinformation, propaganda, malicious attacks, and any random idiot or conspiracy theorist can spread them, and some people are going to believe them. They can circle the world several times in hours, wars can be accidentally started, science can be denied. Lifelong trauma can be induced, sociopathic behaviors enhanced, and potently creative new forms of terrorism have arisen from the convenience that technology offers and the exchange of “ideas”. The 2016 US Election was one such disastrous effect. The insincere candidacy of Donald Trump, egged on by the worst trolls on the internet and weaponized by Russian military intelligence, strived to cause as much division and destruction of the fabric of our society as possible, enhancing the worst of human nature and knowingly bringing a person into office that is so self-destructive to our society.

Joe Fionda
Joe Fionda stumbled into a Russian troll farm and couldn’t stop telling them “nyet”  He is former short assignment journalist at Sputnik News, a Russian state run media outfit that fired him when he refused to commit a debatable treason. He is an actor and was associate producer of “The Hacker Wars”, a documentary about global misadventures in hacking that involved a number of the subjects who managed to be historically involved in creating the current situation. He is a former activist with Occupy Wall Street & Global Revolution media collectives.

Loren Feldman
Loren Feldman is a filmmaker and puppeteer based in Los Angeles, CA. His previous films include “American Milo” a documentary about journalist Milo Yiannopoulos. He also wrote, and directed “Silenced” a documentary about free speech which featured a cast including Alan Dershowitz, Candace Owens, David Horowitz, Chuck Johnson, and many more. As the film progressed Mr. Feldman idea of what constitutes free speech absolutism transformed.

“Schismatic”  seeks to be a psychological chronicle of modern history of the internet, to explain just how we ended up here, and the future of humanity’s embrace of modern technology. We will need seek out experts in media, psychology and technology, amongst other fields, to create our vision.

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